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Relish Reference by neutralchao59
If I forgot anything. TELL.ME.PLEASE.






Burning sun on my skin...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 17, 2013, 3:35 PM

Errm, I mean burning laptop on my belly. For me it's the same thing when...

okay okay I should be back soon since my big list of work to do is almost done :3 I'm really happy <3
I'm still more in mangas at the moment ( my friend is givin' me small lessons. Can't wait until I'm as good as she is ! Even if our way of drawing is TOTALLY DIFFERENT IN EVERY WAY,as I draw in a more cartoon style, and she draws in a really realistic style... and she draws with her left hand as I draw with my right one XD )
So if you wanna see more from me go there : :iconpanda-girlxdemon-boy:
You can ask a question to Marvall <3
I would love if you would

Also icon requests are CLOSEEEEEEE !!! I still got some people askin me for 'em. As i'm the type of girl who hate saying no I feel oblige to do them and it's a really bad feeling as I already got close to 30 t0 do. So please, respect the fact that i Don't want people asking me for request anywhere else than on the journals provided for it It's the only thing I ask you, and if you don't respect my rules, i just don't feel like making the stupid icon for you. IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE ! I still got people asking me for requests ON MY PICTURE. It,s written in big on my page, but seems like I'm not being clear enough IF YOU ASK FOR REQUEST ON MY PICTURES THE NEXT TIME I FLAG IT AS SPAM. Clear now huh ? I hate being mean but man it,s hard sometimes !

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  • Watching: Guess it ? My computer screen !
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Kwenifying-Kwen's Profile Picture

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My name is : ______
I'm __ years old

I love to make friends. I'm a really talkative ( really talkative, really like in REALLY TOO TALKATIVE ) really nice and really funny person. Meeting new people is what I like the most so TALK TO MEH D:

I fav your art or I watch you ? Means you deserve it dude ! keep doing what you do 'cuz youre great at it mmkay ?

I love everyone ( lol sounds like something spongebob would say pff )
~ Kwenifying
NOTE: Kwenifying is SUPPOSED to mean ' amazing ' using the name of my character Kwen because she likes to use her own name to make new expressions


ID picture made by :iconrelax123:


Things I like:
Sonic ! ( for sure )
Demons/ Devils ( I think they're adorable o3o )
Making friends :3
Adventure time !!!!
Happy Tree Friends ( I'm not into the fandom, but the shows made my day when I was 10 >3< )
Tards XD

What I totally can't stand :
Mario Bros. I dunno why, but I can't stand it.
Recolors ( they make me run and hide. Really )
My little Pony. I don't know why but both the show and the fandom annoys me. But it doesn't mean I hate the people who like it o.o

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